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The vision of the Centre of Alina Erbieva – is a special vision of life facilitating self-fulfillment, restoring faith in oneself and natural bodily health, culturing the spirit.

This vision is accomplished through Kinesiology as the information received from the body on its different states is gathered by means of «muscle testing».

Kinesiological muscle testing is a way of communication between the Facilitator and the Person’s body that contains full information on the issue or the problem to be worked on.

The findings allow us to promptly eliminate the imbalances found on physical as well as metaphysical levels with the help of unique original methods of psychoenergetic kinesiology.


The methods used in our Centre enable to:

-Balance the person on an issue deeply and safely, revealing energy imbalances and consequences of stresses held in organs, tissues, cells, chakras.

-Restore the natural vitality and energy balance in all body aspects through using highly effective techniques.


All original methods used in our Centre have no negative side effects.

All original methods used in our Centre imply individual approach to every person coming to us.

We use the following methods:
Bio-resonance computer diagnostics
Live blood analysis
Applied Physiology (Sound and Colour Balances, Can Opener, Relationships, 7 Chi Keys, Figure 8’s, etc.)
Transforming DNA Memories
Return to Love.

Everybody who comes to us experiences positive changes.


Change and be happy!