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Psychoenergetic Kinesiology Centre of

Alina Erbieva

If you want to enhance
the quality of your life
and to know how

Complete analysis

Original methods

Expert professionals

Our methods enable us to find and eliminate causes of any physical and emotional imbalance of a person.

What the Centre of Alina Erbieva offers:

  • Body assessment – bio-resonance diagnostics, live blood analysis
  • Restoration of physical health, weight control and normalizing, improvement of sleep quality
  • Emotional state balance, elimination of depressions and stresse
  • Restoration of body energy balance (Kinergetics)
  • Sequential energy system tuning (SEST)
  • Resolving false psychoemotional attitudes resulting from experienced emotional traumas and stresses with the help of Brain Formatting (Integration)
  • Restoration of reproductive functions in men and women, elimination of sexual disorders, improvement of sex life quality
  • Neuroenergetic correction – working with neuroenergetic emotional pathways to reveal and eliminate obtained and inherited stresses (NEPS)
  • Unique original kinesiological techniques: Colour Balance, Sound Balance, Seven Chi Keys, Can Opener, RESET
  • Elimination of genetically inherited false emotional attitudes, blockages and psychoemotional traumas through Transforming DNA Memories, Return to Love

Change and be happy!

As a result of using our original methods in the centre you get a chance to:

  • Restore your health.
  • Gain confidence and walk tall again.
  • Open your cans.
  • Find your destiny.
  • Improve relationships (interpersonal and social).
  • Find your life partner, start a family, have children.
  • Improve your well-being, move up the career ladder.
  • Make up your mind and make the right choice in any life situation.
  • Achieve your dreams and goals.

What is required from you is just your desire to change and be happy!

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