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RESET, Philip Rafferty’s original technique


At the ceminar you will master the skills of correting temporomandibilar joint blockages independently and will learn how to work with clients using this technique. Blockages can be a result of head injuries and stress during which jaws clench and muscles go into hypertone. As the negative impulse travels along the whole body, other muscle groups are reactively blocked. Releasing TMJ releases chronic stress, the joint goes into balance, which affects the whole body.

85% of the muscles can be balanced through RESET. When psoas is balanced through RESET, it positively affects kidneys and adrenals, removes toxins. That is why drinking a lot of water is so important in RESET. All biochemical processes get balanced. Temporomandibilar joint affects the whole body, muscles, energy flow in the meridians, nervous system, and water balance.

What do you get as a result of the seminar:

You will learn about facial muscles and how they are connected to the whole body, as well as how facial muscle blocks influence health and what comes as a result of facial muscles cramps.

Release your TMJ (temporomandibilar joint), get rid of stress and launch the resetting process for your body normalising blood and lymph circulation and restoring mental balance.

You will master a technique that will enable you to maintain good emotional and physical state and use it professionally as well as for yourself and your family.

And, to top it off, constant use of RESET techniques has lifting effect on your face! Nasolabial folds diminish, face puffiness goes down, facial contours improve, and the skin quality gets better.

You will also receive printed materials to practise the method correctly.

RESET is an amazing technique to get rid of emotional and physiological stress. A RESET session lasts for 45 mins, is simple to do and convenient both for the client and for the practitioner.

RESET is great for self-correction of acute and chronic stress. Upon completing the class participants receive an international certificate allowing to practise the method in many countries around the world.

The class is 80% practical.

The RESET program is developed for those who want to get rid of their emotional blockages and gain skills in working with clients.

The method is accredited by the Australian Kinesiology Association.


RESET helps with:

- learning difficulties
- attention focusing disorders
- chronic fatigue
- migraines, headaches 
- insomnia 
- digestive disorders
- sinusitis
- tinnitus
- bruxism
- malocclusion
- stammering
- back, neck and shoulder pains
- stress
- problems after visiting a dentist, before and after braces 
- head injuries (during birth and when falling)
- jaw deformations as a result of strokes, developmental delays, cerebral palsy

- RESET 1 has rejuvenating effect 
- Small lines on the face disappear as lines mean stress
- We take away stress, release emotions and make rejuvenation possible!

The seminar runs for 1 day.

Price – 8,000 rubles